SMM Course

5000 BDT
2 Months
1.30 Hours

SMM Course Outline

Discussion On Social Media Marketing

• What Is Social Media?
• What Is Social Media Marketing?
• The Power Of Smm
• Social Media And We!!
• Developing Goals In Social Media Marketing Platforms

Individual Advertisement about Social Media Platforms Opportunities.
Facebook Marketing

• Setting Up Your Page
• Identifying Your Targeted Audience
• Content Planning
• Facebook Paid Advertisement (Sponsored Ad)
• Traditional Marketing
• Targeting Groups & Pages
• Monitoring Engagement Details Through Google Analytics And Page Insights

Twitter Marketing

• Twitter Traditional Marketing
• Twitter Profile, Visual & Shareable Content, Tweets & Re-Tweets, Reaching Audience
• Activity Tips
• Hash-Tag In Marketing & Link Building

Google Plus Marketing

• What Is Google+
• Profile, Circles, Local
• Setting Up G+ Page
• Reaching Targeted Communities
• G+ Advance Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

• Account, Bio, Business Page, Website Verification
• Discussion On Pinterest Based Engagement Factors
• Setting Up Boards & Strategy
• Establishing Your Boards Through Promotion And Other Activities
• Driving Traffic Using The Platform
• Discussion On Important Industry Research About Pinterest (Pinterest Ads)

Youtube Marketing

• Setting Up YouTube Channel With Optimized Url
• Discussion On Profile, Images, Video Uploading Tips And Tactics And Other Important Parts
• Detail Discussion And Presentation On High Quality Optimized Video Promotion

Linkedin Marketing

• Setting Up An Optimized And Effective Linkedin Profile For Personal
• Discussion On Important Linkedin Groups & Industry Insights
• Endorsement Management

Instagram Marketing

• Discussion About Instagram
• Setting Up A Branded Instagram Profile
• Hash-Tags And Connection With Other Social Media Platforms
• Competitor Monitoring And Interacting With Followers
• Great Tips On How To Use Instagram Effectively For Your Marketing Or Branding Purpose

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