Video Marketing for Local Businesses

3000 BDT
2 Months
2 Hours

Become A Highly-Paid Lead Generation Expert with Your Video Marketing Skills

Sell Your Videos To The “READY MARKET”

Workshop Outline

Introducing the Workshop outline and objective to the participants.

# Module 1: Video Marketing for Local Business:

1. What is a Local or Offline Business and why these businesses need Video Marketing?

2. Presenting a Liver Actor/Actress, Talking Person or Spokesperson Video

3. Understanding why these videos are Hot Cake Marketing Content for existing & new businesses

4. The concept of Video Background Music/Audio (Royalty Free)

5. Adding Background Image to your videos (HD & FULL HD)

6. The idea of Lower Third and why this is a Must Have element for Local Business promotional videos

7. Adding a CTA (CALL TO ACTION) as your Video Outro

8. Understanding the concept of GREEN SCREEN VIDEOS (Green Backdrop)

9. The concept of Blank Video Copy or Videos with No Details

# Module 2: Video Editing Made Simple


1. Adjusting/Resizing the Timeline & Video Display Frame

2. Video Thumbnail

3. Inserting Track to the Timeline (Audio/Video)

4. Increase/Decrease Track View Size

5. Timeline (Zoom-In & Zoom-Out)

6. Adding Video/Audio/Logo/LowerThird in Timeline (using the Playlist option)

The Filtering Feature: Video & Audio Filters

1. Adding Text

2. Video Cropping

3. Fade In / Fade Out (LowerThird Effect)

4. Testing Mirror Effect

5. Setting Size & Position (for LowerThird or Logo)

6. Text: Adding Text To Your Video

7. Text Position

8. Text Color

9. Text Font

10. Text Attribute

11. Use of Chroma Key Simple

12. Use of Alpha Channel Adjust

13. Increase/Decrease Audio Sound from Video

Exporting Your Video:

1. UnderstandingThe Concept Of HD & Full HD Video Resolution

2. Exporting Your Video In The Right Format

3. Learning The Conversion Technique From HD To Full HD Video

# Module 3: Video SEO For Local Business

1. Video Keyword Research

2. Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are& How To Find Them

3. Identify What & How Do They Want

4. Understanding The Pricing Game

5. Find What The Clients Do With Your Videos

6. Know How To Communicate & Reply To Their Messages

7. Preparing Your Proposal/Offer For Clien

# Module 4 : Selling Your Videos To Clients:
1. Email Marketing Method Explained
2. Rank & Rent Model Explained
3. Cold Calling Method Explained

# Module 5: Practical Project
Note: In this Module, all participants of the Workshop will be given a specific project
to complete based on the previous Orders that has come to us from Customers in different Niches.
Attendees will have to go through the project details, understand the requirements,
complete the task or project accordingly and finally proving their overall performance with individual deliverables.
The outcome of this session will allow us to judge the capability of the participants
so we know that HE/SHE can actually SELL the Skillset learnt from this Workshop.

# Module 6: Practical Project
Fiverr Account:
1. Fiverr Account Creation
2. Fiverr Gig Creatinon
3. Fiverr Gigs Marketing

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