Facebook Promotion & Marketing

5000 BDT
3 Months
1.30 Hours

(Non Paid) Facebook Marketing & Promotion Course:

1. What is Facebook Marketing & Promotion?

2. What is Facebook Page & Group?

3. Creating Facebook Page.

4. Why Facebook Group Marketing & Benefits?

5. Facebook Group Posting & Group Share.

6. How to Join Facebook Group? Niche Relevant Group also?

7. How to Make Post in Group?

8. Create Google Sheet (Provide Sample)

9. Proof Link Collection after Posting.

10. How to find US Facebook Group? and Join.

11. How to Find Niche Relevant/Tropic Relevant US Group? and Join.

12. Facebook Comment: Rule of Facebook Share, Comments, and Post etc.

13. How to Create Buyer Job report Sheet and Submit in Market Place.

14. Caution:

Why Facebook ID May Blocked ? and Solved.

15. Why Post do not Live? if Group does not approve Post? how can make a report for buyer?

16. If Facebook declare a link Spam what to do?? How to Masking Buyers Website's link?

Market Place:

17. Facebook Promotion and Gig Creating on Fiverr.

18. How can create Title, Description, Packages, and Content Creating etc on Fiverr.

19. Images Creating for Fiverr Gig.

20. Gig Review and Publication.

21. ## Problem and Solve of Facebook Marketing & Promotion: ##

22. Link Building OFF page SEO For Facebook Page.

(Paid/Advertisement Marketing) Facebook Marketing & Promotion Course:

Facebook Paid Ads Course:

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Module 2 – Prepare Yourself Before Running Facebook Ads

Module 3 – Payment Gateway Setup

Module 4 – Content Plan

Module 5 - Budget Plan

Module 6 – Facebook Ads (Page Like, Comment, Engagement, Videos etc)

Module 7 - Targeted Audience Building Explained

Module 8 – Facebook Page Analytics

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